Polymetronome: the world's first polyphonic software metronome.

Do you need help learning four-against-five polyrhythms? Or have you always wanted to create your own electronic rendition of Ligeti's "Symphonic Poem for 100 Metronomes"? Polymetronome can do all of this and more!

(Actually I don't know for sure that it's a world first. But I haven't managed to find anything else quite like it. If you do know of a competitor, please tell me about it!)

a screenshot of Polymetronome version 0.30

Download and installation

Get it from my Github page

Source code


This software is distributed free of charge for personal non-commercial use. I should probably say a bit more here, but the famous Interactive EasyFlow licence pretty much sums up my feelings on the subject. If you're thinking of using this software for any commercial purposes, please contact me first.

See also

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Please send me an email with your comments and suggestions!

Alexander Hanysz, 20th April 2020.